Stevia So Sweet Sweetner

Stevia is an all-natural pure extract from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant, a cousin of the chrysanthemum family. The glycosides in its leaves, including up to 10 % Stevioside, account for its incredible sweetness, making it unique among the nearly 300 species of Stevia plants.

Stevia is the only well-known natural substitute to sugar with high intensity sweetness and virtually zero calories. Apart from being calorie free, Stevia is very heat stable making it just as versatile as sugar for everyday use.


Sosweet is made using the purest extract of Stevia called Rebaudiana (Reb A) and is a Healthy way to sweeten foods & beverages. It is the best natural alternative to sugar. You can reduce your daily calorie intake by 400 calories which is equivalent to 1 hour strenuous workout in the gym. Sosweet is heat stable making it as versatile as sugar for everyday use, Add SoSweet to your everyday diet and make a healthy choice.