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• For Polio, Paralysis, Facial Paralysis and Rickets.
• For Rheumatic pain, Knees pain, Neck pain and Backache.
• For Muscle Injuries, Swallowing of all Aetiology, Fatigue, Pulled and Stiff Muscles.
• For weakness in genital, use as Tila for strength and Vigour.
• For cuts, burns, open injuries, insect bite and contusion.
• For massage of infants, children, weak, old and sick and sick persons.
• For players, wrestlers and athletes.
• For pain in lower abdomen waist and calf muscles in women.
• For swollen testicle, strengthens weak nerves and muscles of genital.



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A herbal massage oil for sick, old, weak persons. It is made from high quality of essential oil and effective herbal elements. It contains essential oil with awesome fragrance and is highly effective. It act by strengthening the nerves, bones and muscles and bring back humors and is quite effective. It quickly and effectively brings back the normal mobility of the joints and makes them free to move properly. It also helps in the clotting of blood and makes nerves free from different types of pains and helps to flow the blood freely to get rid away the pain of the shoulder, elbow, knees and other joints. It is very effective oil for sportsmen who get fractured, swallowed and injuries in their muscles and had become the highly demanding product of company in national as well as in international market.

There are various kinds of pains that affect thousands of people worldwide. Fortunately, there are numerous types of treatments are available to treat such types of conditions .UNANI system of medicine in particular is proven to be one of the most advantageous treatment for different types of pains in recent time. And for such types of pains we have organised an excellent formula without any adverse effect.


• Balance the endocrine system
• calm nervous system
• rejuvenate the skin
• toned the muscles
• eliminate the impurities
• lubricate the joints
• increase the mental alertness
• promote youthfulness
• stimulate internal organs
• promotes the longevity


Each 1200 ml. contains (extract of):
Roghane-e-alsi 1000 ml v/v, Roghane-e-tarpin 150 ml v/v, Roghane-e-Khashb Safsafi 30 ml v/v, Kafoor 10 gm w/v, Sat Ajwain 5 ml w/v, Sat Podina 5 ml w/v, Amba Halid 10 gm w/v, Suranjan Talkh 10 gm w/v, Ratanjot 20 gm w/v, Laung 10 gm w/v, Lahsun 20 gm w/v, Hina 10 gm w/v, Mom Khalis 10 gm w/v, Loban 10 gm w/v, Qust Talkh (Kuth) 10 gm w/v, Malkangani 10 gm w/v, Sonth 10 gm w/v, Jauz-e-Masil 10 gm w/v


• It is accurately composed
• It effects on time
• It is skin friendliness
• It is extremely effective
• It is naturally composed
• It has unique fragrance
• It gets on reasonable prices
• It has no side effect
• It is available in varied packaging and specification

How to use

• 2 to 8 ml or more depending upon the part which is affected
• To be softly massage twice a day or as directed by the physician
• No side effect purely based on safe and harmless UNANI theory

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10 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml


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