Capsules Slim & Sound


• Controls fat deposits in the body
• Helps in reducing extra body fat
• Provides supplemental nutrients to the body
• It enhances the metabolic rate and hence helps in burning fats and lipids inside the body.
• It reduces the craving for sugar and neutralizes excess sugar in the body
• It inhibits the manufacture and mixture of fatty acids in the muscles and liver and thus arrests lipogenesis.
• It reduces triglyceride and cholesterol levels which are factors concerned with the management of obesity.
• Lowers cholesterol & normalizes blood pressure
• Supports healthy heart function, brain development & maintains eye health
• Improves the circulation of blood by rejuvenating and nourishing the tissues of the body


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Capsules Slim & Sound – a herbal product manufactured from 100% natural ingredients that work towards suppressing appetite and ample nourishment of the body. Our offered capsules enhances digestion by reducing belly’s fat and converts the fat into energy, help burn more calories, and increases energy levels and boosts the immunity system and makes the body slim and sound. Our Slim & Sound capsules prevents from different types of coronary diseases by promoting a healthy circulatory system, which reduces the chances of bad cholesterol and maintains healthy cholesterol level in the body. Our offered capsules have been proven to be useful in weight loss and elimination of harmful toxins from the body and are a great way to lose weight and gain a trim and toned body. It helps you stay active in your daily business life style. It is 100% safe to use and completely based on unani theory. It can be availed in a market at a very reliable cost.


• Cost effective
• Free from any type of side effect
• Improves blood circulation
• Removes belly fat
• Effects on time
• Supports overall health


Other information

Dosage: 2 capsules, twice a day is recommended. Capsules Slim & Sound should be taken fifteen minutes after mealtime (breakfast and dinner). As the weight decreases, dosage can be reduced to one capsule, twice a day.

Precaution: Store in cool and dry place and keep out of the reach from children’s.

Packaging: 1×30 capsules per bottle

Additional information

1 Bottle

30 pcs


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