• Effective and very useful in Hyperglycemia, Muscular Weakness, Diabetes Mellitus, Weakness due diabetes, and Glycosuria
• Supports normal blood sugar by controlling sugar level
• Maintains the need of controlling as well as regulating weight
• Supports maintaining healthy cholesterol level
• Reduce blood & urine sugar effectively
• Supports by maintaining healthy digestive system and respiratory system.


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Our offered product Safoof-e-Bahar powder contains the goodness of several types of herbs, ingredients and natural extracts that controls the production of extra amount of insulin in the body. The extract in the blend mixture, makes slow the transport of glucose from the intestine to the blood stream and reduces blood sugar level the help of repairing and regeneration of beta cells in the pancreas which produces extra amount of insulin. It regulates digestive system, blood sugar levels and lipid levels by enhancing the body metabolism. It also supports healthy respiratory system. Our offered powder is prepared under hygienic environmental conditions with the help of latest techniques. It is free from any type of side effect. It can be easily available in the market at a very reliable cost.


• 100% based on unani theory
• Goodness of herbs
• cost effective
• Regulates urination
• Excellent shelf life
• Controls blood sugar


Other information

Usage: 5-10 mg of powder 20 to 30 minutes after breakfast and dinner or as directed by the prescribed doctor or physician.

Precautions: the remedial solution should not be consumed on an empty stomach. Pregnant women are more likely advised to consult their prescribed doctor before usage.

Recommended only for patients above the age of 14, it should be kept away from the reach of young children.

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