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Cough Care

Benefits of cough care

• It is used to relieve coughs caused by the common cold, bronchitis, and other breathing problems.
• It acts by thinning and loosening mucus in the airways, clearing congestion, and makes breathing easier
• It acts on a part of the brain which is the center of cough to reduce the urge to cough.
• It works for both productive and non-productive cough as well as dry and wet cough.


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Cough care is an herbal cough syrup made from high quality of herbal elements and is a very demanding product of our company. It is based on invaluable formula of Hakim Ahmed Syed Khan Sahib which is comprised of amazing benefits. It is made from the balanced combination of well-known herbal elements and is beneficial for both productive and non-productive cough. Our cough is enriched with goodness of herbs, fruits and other natural ingredients that are known for their anti-bacterial properties It also helps in many different types of cough problems such as whooping cough, persistent cough, asthmatic cough, smokers cough, bronchitis, cold, coryza, tonsillitis, laryngitis and broncho- pneumonia etc. It also controls over disease with the help many prominent ingredients available in this cough syrup which also removes the weakness caused by the cough, fever, cold and catarrh, also strengthens the heart, and removes weakness from lungs, inflammation from respiratory track. It gives relief from asthma like conditions which is caused by phlegm-amalgamated situation. There is no any side effect as it is medically tested and is safe to use. It can be availed in different quantity packaging.

Prevention to be taken while using cough care:

Quit smoking

If you are using cough care then you have avoid smoking because smoking is the most common cause for a chronic cough. It is known to everyone that smoker’s cough is very difficult to cure. There are a wide variety of methods available to help you stop smoking, from many different types of gadgets such as electronic cigarettes to advice groups and support networks. After you stop smoking, you will never get colds or suffer from any type cough.

Dietary changes

If you are using cough care for that you should very careful for your diet. You should not eat oily things mainly ghee items. If you need any type of help to adjust your diet, then you can visit our site or can consult our experts.

Medical conditions

While you are using cough care, for that you should be conscious not to use any other medicines or any other cough syrup.


Each 1 ml contains

kababchini 100 mg, vasaka 100 mg, mulaithi 100 mg, bahera 100 mg, kali mirch 100 mg, sonth 100 mg, tulsi 100 mg, banafshan 100 mg, agargarha 100 mg, laung 100 mg, podina 100 mg, sat loban ( as preservative ) 50 mg, syrup base q.s.


• It is accurately composed
• It effects on time
• It is extremely effective
• It is naturally composed
• It has unique fragrance
• It gets on reasonable prices
• It has no side effect
• It is available in varied packaging and specification


• Always measure the correct dose.
• Read the dosage carefully on the package.
• Dosage is based on your age, medical condition and response of your treatment.
• Do not increase the dose yourself. If there is any problem first consult your doctor.
• Carefully measure the dose using a measuring device/spoon.
• Dosage must be taken according to the prescribed doctor or given on the package.

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60 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml


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