Capsules Stressrel


• Helps the body to manage the effects of everyday physical, mental and emotional stress
• Normalizes function the body, and therefore overall health and energy.
• Helps lower cortisol levels to ease feelings of stress, worry and anxiety
• Improves overall ability to deal with excessive stress.
• Lowers excessive levels of cortisol in the evening – by placing the body in a proper sleep atmosphere.
• Normalizes immunity.
• Increases mental function.
• Promotes a feeling of calmness and well-being
• Promotes energy, vitality and stamina
• Supports overall cardiovascular health
• Support and balances autonomic, sensory, and motor functions


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Capsules Stressel – a calming herbal formula processed by natural herbs and ingredients with the help of modern processing techniques. Our offered Stress Formula contains natural ingredients recognized for their powerful calming influence. Our offered capsules are very effective in treating long term stress that weakens the immune system and leads to a number of serious health problems like stress increased risk of a heart attack, anxiety, psychological disorders, depression, irritability, immune system suppression, elevated blood pressure, headaches, mood fluctuations, higher cholesterol levels, fatigue, migraine headaches, muscle aches and sleep disorders and also for other stress related diseases. Our offered capsules are purely based on unani system of medicine and are 100% safe to use. These are available in the market at a very feasible rate.


• It naturally calms the mind and helps in reducing tension and stress
• Helps reduce nervous debility
• It also protects the heart and brain.
• Cost effective
• Works on time
• It provides antioxidant support and also boosts immunity.
• It is 100% natural and safe.

Other information

Dosage: 2 capsules daily with water or as recommended by the physician or prescribed doctor. As the symptoms subside, begin to reduce dosage.


• Should not be consumed on an empty stomach
• Keep away from young children
• Should be used by the patients above the age of 14 years

Packaging: 1×30 capsules per bottle

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1 Bottle

30 pcs


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