Arq Podina Hazim

Amaria Pharmacy produces a formula for digestion and lots of other diseases as in sore throat, allergies, and appetite problems. We use mint as our main ingredient for the cure of digestion and other health issues.


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Health benefits

Arq Podina Hazim has lots of anti-oxidants which is effective in relieving in seasonal allergy problem. Because of these anti-inflammatory properties, mint has been seems to be a promising treatment for allergies.

Ambery Arq Pudina Hazim formula is a calming and soothing remedy that has been used for thousands of years to aid upset stomach or digestion problem. The production of Arq Pudina Hazim is to improve the flow of necessary properties through the stomach, which helps to speed-up the digestion process.


• Extract of green pudina leaves
• Mentha leaves 15 ml
• Approved colors used.


Arq pudina Hazim is a great appetizer and blood cleanser; it works also for digestion problems. It soothes stomachs in cases of digestion or inflammation. When you feel sick with your stomach, some drops of Arq Pudina Hazim can give you relief. Also, if you are travels somewhere long distances by a plane or ship, the Arq Pudina Hazim manufactured from mint can be very soothing for nasal problems and related motion sickness. It also helps to decrease effect of vomiting, morning sickness, flatulence, abdominal intensity and lots of other stomach related diseases.


Adults- 12 to 36 drops with 10 spoon water

Children- 4 to 12 drops with water or little honey

Infants- 2 drops with little honey.

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