Arq Kewra Water

Ambery Kewra water is an extract that is refined from Pandanus flowers extract. It is a transparent liquid which is almost similar to rose water. In household cooking, Kewra water is seems to be a fine substitute to the flower essences like rose or other essence. It can be substituted with Kewra extract, which is more focused.

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Our Ambery Kewra water is used for flavoring various foods, sweets syrups and soft drinks. The use of Ambery Kewra water is very common in different festival occasions, and other social functions as a food fragrance in India. The Kewra water is considered as stimulant and antispasmodic and is useful in rheumatoid arthritis. Ambery Kewra water has a sweet, perfumed, fruity flavor similar to that of rose flowers. Kewra water is used in Indian and Asian cooking to flavor foods, desserts and drinks.

Key ingredients

Rooh Kewra
Purified Water
Contains Class II preservatives.

How it works?

Ambery Kewra Water is said to have antioxidant properties which helps to fight cancer. Its floral fragrance gives a soothing effect, and accordingly helps in mental and physical relaxation. Due to its amazing health benefits, it is generally used in the aromatherapy applications.

Directions for use

Add a few drops of Ambery Kewra water to make your food delicious and flavored. Always use Ambery Kewra water and keep your body, air and atmosphere fragrant.

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30 ml, 250 ml


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