Evetone syrup


• Effective in leucorrhoea, general weakness, backache, pelvic pain, irregular menstrual, general debility, habitual abortion, menopause, pelvic pains, and backache.
• Controls excessive vaginal discharge caused due to fungal, bacterial, protozoal infection
• Used in abnormal and excessive vaginal discharge associated with pregnancy
• Relieves in regular vaginitis, vaginal itching and burning
• Completes the requirement of calcium and iron
• Reduces white and yellow color discharge and odor smell
• Maintains health of vaginal tissue and restores vaginal pH



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We offer a quality Evetone Syrup, which is natural and effective remedial solution for leucorrhoea. It is formulated with the help of organically grown herbs and natural ingredients. It treats both specific and non-specific type of leucorrhoea within less time period. Our offered syrup is a complete uterine tonic which is very useful in case of irregular cycles, dysmenorrhea, low backache, habitual abortion, general weakness, menopausal disorder, pelvic pains, and completes the requirement of iron and calcium. Our Evetone syrup hygienically processed and packed in sterilized bottles for avoiding unwanted contamination without hampering its quality and effectiveness. It is tested under the supervision of medical quality controller. It has no side effect and can easily available in market at a very feasible cost.


• Free from inorganic components
• Free of harmful chemicals
• Long term relief
• Affordable price
• Increase sweat around the external genitals


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Direction of use: 10-20 ml syrup with double the quantity of water at least three times a day.

Precaution: Keep reach out of children. Store in cool and dry place.

Packaging: 200 ml

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200 ml


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