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Our haemstop capsule gives relief from stress in menopause, and stops menstrual bleeding. It promotes mental alertness and enhances power and stamina in women after the consequences of menopause.

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Our Haemstop capsules helps to stop everyday menstrual bleeding in women and it also helps to recover from the inner or outer physical damage which usually occur due to menstruation. It maintains hormonal imbalance and reduce excessive blood loss. It is helpful in increasing reproduction power in women by decreasing miscarriage issues. It is a powerful remedy to treat menstruation problem. It fulfills the extreme bleeding condition that causes Anemia. It provides relief by ending the menstrual pain and swelling.

Key ingredients

Mazoo Phal


•It provide relief from the backache in menstruation problems, and very effective in resolving most of the women health issues.

•It is highly operative in treating menstrual and reproductive disorders and stops unnecessary blood loss that is occur in menstruation period.

•Our capsules are very effective in treatment for menstrual problems like abdominal pain, discharge of blood clots, and arresting excessive menstrual bleeding.

Directions for use

Consume two capsules with water or warm milk twice a day, daily or as per your doctor’s guidance.

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