Ambery Gripe Water

Ambery gripe water is one of the most effective tonic for infants and kids to keep them healthy and disease free in every season. This appetizing tonic offers them calcium and pure honey with herbal extracts, to keep their natural progress and for relief in gripes, teething pain and other different problems.

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Our Ambery Gripe Water has been reported by many parents as an effective remedy to soothe the stomach and the intestine to give relief from colic disease. Infants with colic usually become quite fussy and cry a lot, mainly because of gastrointestinal disease. Gripe water may help to provide relief to the babies, struggling with such pain and distress. This is the cause why gripe water is suggested by many Ayurvedic and Unani practitioners, especially for new parents. This general medicine can also help eliminate stomach ache, gas and hiccups in babies.

Key ingredients
(Each 100 ml contains)

• Shahad Khalis 10ml
• Arq Ajwayen 10ml
• Arq Pudina 10ml
• Arq Saunf 10ml
• Khaney ka Soda 05gm
• Sat Loban (As Preservative).

How it works?

All these herbs are renowned from centuries for their therapeutic properties, specifically for relieving stomach problems. It has been used for alleviating a number of problems in infants including, flatulence, colic, toothache, as well as reflux. Essentially, gripe water holds sterile water, fortified with certain herbal properties, which are known for their helpful effects for the digestive system.

Directions for use: ½ to 2 teaspoonful twice a day according to the age.
Packing: 100 ML.

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