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Marham Rahat

Amaria pharmacy produces an antiseptic, analgesic and herbal formula for skin rashes, cuts, burns and beauty problems. It removes black heads and cures pimples. Our Marham is used to reduce moderate to severe chronic pain. The ingredients we uses in Marham rahat are really effective in relieving moderate to severe chronic pain. Higher doses may work better, and it causes no side effects.


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How It Works?

Ambery Marham rahat destroy pain and soothe your emotional response of pain by reducing the number of pain signals sent by the nervous system and the brain’s reaction to those pain signals.

Key ingredients:

Neem oil- 25%
Camphor- 2%
Sat Ajwayen- 1%
Nilgiri oil- 5%
Ral Zard- 5%
Sat Pudina- 2%
Momeen safed- 100%
Rose fragrance
Color Green

Why It Is Used?

Marham rahat has analgesics and antiseptic content that provide temporary relief from pain.

Marham rahat balm and herbal cream is a topical first aid treatment which is useful in facial problems, scratches and minor skin cuts and burns, and to provide protection against germs which can causes skin and fungal infection. Our product contains many different antiseptic, analgesic and herbal ingredients and lots of other ingredients that can helps to prevent certain types of bacteria.

Directions for use:

Apply on the face for smooth and glowing skin and fair complexion. It removes black heads and cures pimples and acne. It is also useful in cut, burns and rashes.

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10 g, 30 g


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