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We consider measurement of general health according to the health of a population. General health can be well-defined by physical well-being in lack of diseases and infirmity is called a decent general health”. A steady fitness environment is also necessary for involvement in everyday activities including our education and for employment.

We focus that how general health systems can affect the health problems that the people experienced. A proper general health system provides us an overview according to our health system, and suggests a way to overcome from our health issues.

Lots of research specifies that staying physically active can help avoid or delay certain diseases, including cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and also get relieved from depression and improve temperament. Idleness often becomes a reason of advancing ageing, but usually it should not happen.  Your eating behaviors are often not good if you live and eat alone. It is vital for effective ageing to eat healthy food which is rich in nutrients and avoid the extra calories in food and sweets.

Obesity is another reason that can worsen your health. Being bulky increases the chances of death from cholesterol issues, diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, osteoarthritis, sleeping disorder, respiratory glitches, prostate, and cancers.

Substance abuse is also a leading source of general health problems in society. Substance abuse usually means consumption of drugs and liquor. These are two areas we don’t often relate with aged people, but seniors or like young age people, may self-medicate using legal and illegal drugs and alcohol, which can derive them to serious health problems. Seniors have immune systems that naturally weaken with age, and HIV symptoms, fatigue, weight loss, dementia, skin rashes; swollen limbs are similar to symptoms that can accompany with old age.

Dementia disease is not a part of being aged. Dementia can be caused by disease, reactions to medications, vision and hearing problems, contagions, nutritional imbalances, and diabetes. There are many forms of dementia like Alzheimer and some others are temporary.

The most common mental health problem is depression. If it is left untreated, depression can lead anyone to suicide.

Among seniors, muscular pain is the principal cause of injuries. One in every three seniors has muscular or body pain issue. Fall is really common in elders due to pain and fall causes death due to injuries. Plan to decrease injuries with exercises that can improve balance and strength and helps to recover soon by medications. Home medication therapy also can help reduce injuries.

Influenza and pneumonia are among the topmost reasons of death in children, older and adults. Pneumonia left one of the most serious infections in body, especially women and the old aged.

India faces health and sickness challenges from lots of infections and syndromes. According to a survey based estimate, in every two minutes in India a person dies in absence of a proper treatment.

India needs increment chances in the basic health-care schemes and concerns in the health care sector. From a long period India experience a number of health and monitoring challenges which has prevented the growth India requires for its progress.

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