Amaria Pharmacy is a largest specialty pharmaceutical company in India. We deliver standard-quality reasonable medications for society that are trusted by healthcare expert and patients all over the country. It is also India’s one of the most valuable and most trusted UNANI medicine brand by market research.

We feature our progress and achievement to about hundreds of multi-colored staff in different cities of India. Our team has taken Amaria Pharmacy to that level that it has now reached and they are now working to take it higher than that its previous path.

Our people are our most treasured things. Our traditionally different staff is one of our major assets and the wide experience they have, across mixed backgrounds, is priceless. We are honored that our overall workforce is bound together by our common values.

We are dedicated to hiring exceptionally eligible people and encourage them workwise. Our multi-dimensional work atmosphere creates lots of career opportunities through inspiring roles with clear responsibilities and the opportunity to work on a variety of projects.

At Amaria Pharmacy, our employees are provided with chances to improve their technical and soft skills through continuous exercise and development programs.

As an employee of Amaria Pharmacy, you will experience an exciting, inspiring and visionary leadership quality in yourself. Our exposed, qualifying and trust-worthy working will offer you an exciting atmosphere to work and get progressed.

As a highly increasing company, our staff members are always open for exciting opportunities with a great variety of responsibilities. They are authorized with the liberty to execute and truly enjoy their work.

No Meritocracy

We believe in an only performance concerned culture. Our members are engaged, satisfied and given opportunities in the organization purely based on their abilities. The spine of our no-merit based work environment is our performance managing system which justifies employee’s performance in a reasonable and transparent manner.

Independence and Free Enterprise

Our culture encourages persons to take risks, be revolutionary and inventing in their respective fields, while being determined for success. This is achieved by the freedom we provide them and letting them do the works depend on their potential. We feel proud that our employees are a lot responsible.

Creativity and Revolution

Our essential target is to build organizational attitude through skill improvement across stages, sales training and enhancing competencies according to the business needs. We also have been determining to strengthen existing, lower and senior workforce.

Employee Acknowledgment

In our organization, there is a constant and sensible effort to recognize quality in performance through several programs applied across the company. Amaria pharmacy hires professionals not just for their knowledge and practice but for the passion they have to create a difference in the world of healthcare.

Management Programs for Employees

We are highly devoted to the growth and welfare of our staff. We offer unique management practice sessions to our people to enhance their management expertise without disturbing their careers. These are our self-designed modules focusing on advanced specialties and qualities while improving the business intelligence of our people. These unique creativities aim to enable employees to contribute suggestively at work through better outcomes.

Current openings in Amaria pharmacy are given directly in our career section, if you have experience, talent and desire to enhance your employability skills in pharmacy industry then you can contact us.

We are accepting resume from educated, reliable, enthusiastic and spirited employees who are in the offering for a challenging career in pharmaceutical industry, so if you are interested then email your resume at