Obesity – Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Obesity is generally a medical term for a person who is very overweight and contains excess of fat on their body. It is a condition in which you have a high body mass index (BMI), or too much fat on your body as compared to your height. The most important condition due to which we becomes obese is when we overeat regularly, we gain weight, and if we continue to gain weight, we may become obese. Because of obesity you might consider long term diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and some types of cancers etc. These diseases usually create many types of health problems and can be the cause for your death. Obesity is on the rise in our society because different types wrong food eating’s and most of us are employed in positions that require no extra time for physical activities. On the bright side, current records suggest that childhood obesity is much on its growth. If you are obese, losing and even you loosens up 5 to 10 percent of your weight than you can delay or prevent yourself from different types of disease.

The good news is that weight loss can improve or prevent the health problems associated with obesity. Dietary changes, increased physical activity and changes in the behavior can help you in losing the weight. Amaria pharmacy had brought out medicines for weight-loss that helps you to improve your health.


• sleep apnea – a disorder in which breathing is irregular and stops periodically during sleep
• coronary artery (heart) disease
• high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, stroke and diabetes
• inability to cope with sudden physical activity
• certain types of cancers like prostate and bowel cancer in men and breast & uterine cancer in women
• problems in the joints such as joint pain or arthritis
• gallbladder or liver disease


Obesity occurs when your body consumes more calories than it burns. In the ancient, many persons thought that obesity was simply caused due to overeating and under-exercising, resulting from an absence of self-control and will power. While these are significant contributing factors, doctors recognize that obesity is a difficult medical disorder which involves genetic, environmental, behavioral, and social factors. All these factors play a major role in the formation of a person’s weight.

Recent investigation shows that in some cases, certain hereditary factors might cause the changes in appetite and fat metabolism that leads to obesity. For a person who is genetically disposed to weight gain and who leads an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle, the risk of becoming obese is high.

While a people’s genetic makeup might contribute to obesity, it’s not the primary cause. Behavioral and environmental issues have a greater effect – consuming excess calories from high-fat foods and doing little or no any type of daily physical activities over the long run can lead to weight gain.
Psychological factors may also foster obesity. Emotional stress, Low self-esteem, guilt, or trauma can lead to overeating as a means to cope with the type of problems.


The most effective way for treating yourself is to control on your diet, exercise routines and stress management techniques are the most important factor which can be beneficial to get rid from obesity.

Preventing yourself from obesity is important. Once fat cells form, they remain in your body forever. Although you can decrease the size of fat cells, but in case you cannot get rid of them. For such types of problems Amaria pharmacy had brought out an effective formulation to treat you from obesity.

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