Leucorrhoea – Physiological and Pathological

What is Leucorrhoea?

Leucorrhoea, vaginal discharge is a universal problem faced by women’s of all ages. It is commonly known as whites, which refers to whitish discharge from the female’s genitals. It is very common condition which has been experienced by most women’s of all ages, at some time or the other. It is Abnormal, slimy, frothy, foul smelling, and dirty white, greenish or yellowish discharge from female genitals that is accompanied by inflammation, irritation and redness. Generally the quantity of vaginal secretions varies all the way through the menstrual cycle, peaks at ovulation and also increasing when under emotional stress. The main role of vaginal secretions is to expel harmful bacteria and other organisms from the body.

Leucorrhoea can last for weeks or about a month and might affect the reproductive organs of women. It is mostly practiced during puberty, when genital (sexual) organs are developing in a woman. Leucorrhoea can be very much irritating and harmful if left untreated.

Leucorrhoea is generally of two types, physiological and pathological.

Physiological Leucorrhoea –it refers to vaginal discharge because of physical factors like excitement or nervousness. It is mostly common under the following circumstances –

• It occurs mostly in new born infants due presence of maternal hormones like estrogen
• It is seen in girls during puberty because of changes in the hormones
• Seen at the time of ovulation cycle and early pregnancy
• Because of nervousness and sexual excitement

Pathological Leucorrhoea

• Psychological factors are most common
• Occurs because of improper nutrition and bad health
• Dysfunctional state in the genital tract also causes pathological leucorrhea

Symptoms of  Leucorrhoea

White menstruation symptoms like severe irritability and black patches on eyes are usually common in chronic cases of leucorrhea. Other symptoms are as follows:

• Pain in the cervical region and intense irritation
• Weakness and lethargy
• Frequent headaches
• Problem in the digestive system
• Irritability and headache
• Pain in the stomach
• Yellowish whitish or release from the vagina
• Foul and frothy smelling discharge

Causes of  Leucorrhoea

• Improper life style and bad eating habits
• By eating spicy and fried foods and lots of carbohydrates.
• Lack of cleanliness and poor Insanitary living conditions
• Wounds produced by itching, or bacterial and fungal infection
• Anemia and diseases like menorrhagia and diabetes etc.
• Hormonal imbalance
• Urinary tract infections are also very common female discharge causes.

Treatments of  Leucorrhoea

There is wide range of treatments available in the market but Amaria pharmacy had brought out a very high quality of products which are made from high quality of natural herbs. Our products for the treatment of Leucorrhoea:

Evetone syrup – it is a complete female health tonic full of calcium and iron and other health full ingredients. It is very effective in the treatment of Leucorrhoea. It is also used for the treatment of menstrual pain and irregularity, sterility, anemia, cervical erosion, deficiency of calcium and iron, pain in abdomen and waist and loss of appetite. It is also used in the treatment of menopause.

Capsules Leucosule – it is in the form of capsules which is also used for the treatment of leucorrhoea. It works for the types of problem like menstrual disorder, deficiency of nutrients, general debility, menopause etc.