Paralysis Natural Treatment


Paralysis happens to a person due to the problem in the nervous system and it affects the muscular functionality of our body. It can fully or partly affect the body and can occur in grownups and kids, usually; this is harmful for muscular purpose of our body. The sickness is known precisely according to the area it had affected. For example when it disturbs one side of the face along with related arms and leg it is called Hemiplegia and when it affects any single part of the body, it is called Monoplegia.

Some explanations confirms about paralysis that paralysis includes nerve diseases, diseases co-related to autoimmune viruses, stroke and trauma which is straight away related to nerve or spinal cord disk, or exposure from toxins or contamination.

Unani and Herbal Medicines for Paralysis

Unani and herbal treatments involves in treating paralysis with herbs like Bale and Ashwagandha that are highly effective in curing paralysis. Consuming oat, barley, millet and rye regularly strengthens the muscles joints and can help to treat paralysis. The patient should only consume self-prepared food and avoid spicy and bitter foods.

In Paralysis herbal treatment, red meat and dry fruits are completely banned because they increase fat level and make paralyzed muscles heavy, thus the possibility of recovering from this condition reduces due to lack of mobility.

Paralysis may usually occur due to stroke or an accident resulting in nosebleed, which leads to the blood clot development. These clots can inactivate nerves, which outcomes as the dysfunction of certain body muscles that are owned by those blocked nerves, resulting in Paralytic diseases.

The natural diseases are very challenging to treat and health recovery may be slow. But, Amaria pharmacy’s herbal and Unani home remedies for Paralysis treatments can help cure the patient.

Other Household Treatment

The main objective of any household treatment is to recover mobility and restore the natural appearance of affected body part. The secondary objective is to release the toxins from the body. This directly helps to clear the networks of nervous system and hence treat the condition.

To help patients from nerves damage and to regain functions, regular massages, mud therapy, and other Unani therapies are essential. They are used to improve blood circulation, increase the level of metabolic procedures, decrease hypertension and muscle rigidness. It increases the living tenor as well as physical and emotional activity in patients, also reduces shivering and slows down the growth of the disease. Under water exercises are also beneficial in the early days of the treatment to avoid the action of gravity, thereby enhancing easy movements on the affected part.

Physiotherapy is also recommended to recover from the condition totally. The passive exercises used by the therapist and later the active exercises for the patient helps them to keep away from the lack of mobility. It also strengthens the other unaffected muscles.

Diet therapy is the best method to cleanse the body. Based on the patient’s capability, starving yourself is also an option for detoxification. As the patient’s movement is limited due to the disease in early days it is ideal to consume fiber rich foods to promote the bowel functions.

Fruits can help achieving this purpose because they are the regular laxatives. The added advantage of having the natural foods in their natural form like sprouts, vegetable salads and vegetable soups because they provide all the vitamins and minerals in easy accessible form.
Acupressure and acupuncture are also advised to reduce the muscle spasms, to improve the level of feeling and fasten the recovery. Rest and relaxation should also be an integral part of the treatment to help to compensate for the loss of power.