Menopause Natural Treatment

Menopause symptoms are mostly recognized twelve months after your last menstruation period and it’s gone after the end of menstrual cycles. Usually menopause may occur in early old age for example 40s or 50s, but the normal age is 51 all over the world.

Menopause is an expected organic physical process. Although it also ends productivity in female, yet you will stay fit, vital and sensual. Lots of women feel relieved after menopause because they had no longer issues to worry about pregnancy related problems.

In occurrence period of menopause, you might experience these signs and symptoms:

• Uneven periods

• Vaginal roughness

• Night fluids

• Sleeping problems/insomnia

• Behavioral changes

• Unexpected weight gain and reduced metabolism

• Thinning hair and rough skin.

It is possible, but very unusual, having menstruation every month just after your last period. In menopause it is possible that you will experience some abnormality in your periods.

Avoiding periods during perimenopause is normal and predictable. Sometimes, menstruation occurs every two to four months during perimenopause, particularly one to two years before menopause. In spite of uneven period’s occurrence, pregnancy is possible.

Fortunately, many of the signs and symptoms associated with menopause are temporary.

Follow these domestic therapies to help reduce or prevent their effects:

Hot flashes

Dress in layers, have a cold glass of water or go anywhere which is cold. Try to consider the reason behind your problems. For many women, menopause generator symptoms may include hot liquor, excess of caffeine, spicy foods, alcohol, depression, weather issues and even a warm room.

Decrease vaginal anxiety

Use over-the-counter, water-based vaginal lubricants or moisturizers etc. that helps you to discharge vaginal anxiety. Choose products that do not contain chemicals and glycerin, which can cause scorching or irritation in women who are sensitive to that substance. Staying physically active also helps in increasing blood flow to the vaginal area.

Get proper sleep

Avoid caffeine, it may cause sleeping disorders and mental disturbance. Avoid drinking too much alcohol, which can disturb your sleep. Get workouts during the day, but not just before going to bed. If hot flashes creates disturbance in sleep, so you need to get proper sleep in menstruation period and get rest.

Consider relaxation practices

Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, massages and progressive muscle relaxation therapies by our Amaria Pharmacy can help relieve menopausal symptoms.

Eat a balanced diet

A healthy and balanced regime with a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Stop excess of saturated fats, oils and sugars. Ask your health care expert if you need calcium or vitamin D supplements to help meet daily requirements.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can be a cause of heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, cancer and a range of other health issues. It may also produce hot flashes and brought menopause earlier.

Exercise Regularly

Get regular exercise and physical activity on a daily basis to help protect against heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and other conditions associated with aging.

Menopause is not a disease that has a definitive cure or treatment. Our Amaria pharmacy health care practitioners will offer you a variety of treatments for menopausal symptoms that become troublesome. Many prescription medications available in Amaria pharmacy to prevent and control high cholesterol and bone loss, which can occur by menopause issue. Lots of women do not need therapy, or they may choose not to take medications at all during their menopausal years.

Menopause itself is a regular part of natural life for women and it is not a sickness that requires treatment. However, treatment of related symptoms is possible if menopause become extensive or severe.

Our Stressrel Capsule gives relief from stress in menopause, it improves and enhance the power and stamina in women after the consequences of menopause and promotes mental alertness.

During the menstruation periods usage of haemstop capsules stops bleeding immediately, lots of blood loss can cause anemia and it may increase other health issues. Our other product as in leucosule capsule etc. also represents many definitive cures for leucorrhoea and menstrual and menopausal disorders.