Diabetes Natural Treatment

Diabetes is an ailment described as an excess quantity of blood glucose or blood sugar. This usually happens due to lack of the insulin hormones in the blood or because of the insulin that is exist in the body and has absorption problem with the body.

Diabetes is categorized in two forms: Type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes.

Type-1 diabetes commonly depends on insulin that usually affects children and young teenagers and Type-2 diabetes is non-insulin dependent diabetes and it usually disturbs grownups. High amount of glucose can damage blood veins, if it is left untouched; it may causes great health problems in the long period.

Common Causes of Diabetes

• High blood pressure

• Inheritance or due to genes

• Insulin insufficiency in blood

• High cholesterol problems

• Insulin irregularities

Home Remedies for Diabetes-

Tip 1: Mango leaves

Boil 15 fresh Mango leaves in 1 glass of water. Leave for a night. Strain this water and drink primarily in the morning. Soft mango leaves are very effective to treat diabetes by changing insulin level in blood.

Tip 2: Basil leaves (Tulsi)

Basil leaves (Tulsi) are filled with antioxidant that releases stress problems. It also has essential oil that helps reducing blood sugar level. Take two tablespoons of Tulsi juice extracted from Tulsi leaves and drink in the morning with an empty stomach.

Tip 3: Blackberries

Blackberry (Jambul) is said to be really effective fruit for treating diabetic issues. The leaves, berries and seeds of the blackberry (Jambul) plant give benefits in balancing the appropriate glucose level in blood and prevent insulin alterations. Prepare a powder of dried seeds or leaves of the plant and drink it with water two times a day.

Tip 4: Green tea

Have a cup of green or herbal tea with an empty stomach every day in the morning earlier, from your breakfast; it is also good for overall well-being. Green tea has polyphenol property, a strong antioxidant complex that is supportive in reducing the blood sugar insulin level in the body.

Tip 5: Amla

Amla has vitamin C which promotes proper functioning pancreas. Take two teaspoons of the Amla juice extract from the fruit and mixed it with a glass of water. Drink this every day before lunch with an empty stomach to control your blood sugar level.

Tip 6: Eating a healthy diet

Take a healthy intake that contains vitamins and minerals like fruits such as apples, berries, vegetables like carrots, beetroot and bitter gourd is essential for keeping your body strong and for balanced blood sugar level.

Tip 7: Drumstick

Drumstick leaves are high in fiber content widely known for their quality to improve energy. Their leaf increases satiety and helps in reducing the breakdown of food and also for maintaining blood pressure.

Tip 8: Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are a rich intake of fiber. It is useful for regulating diabetes. The fenugreek seeds can be saturated in water for a night and should be eat early morning before your breakfast. This can improve the discharge of glucose-dependent insulin. Repeat this remedy daily for some time to control diabetes.

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