Total Quality Management


Amaria Pharmacy has a vital division of health care system which is regulated effectively because any error happen in product manufacturing and composition can be problematic, even disastrous. The low qualities of medicines are not only hazardous but also a waste of money for both us and our every single costumer. So, we maintain quality and standard with regular improvement which is really important for our pharmacy. From this concept our total quality management is establish. The purpose of our total quality management system is to prevent the defects rather than detection of defects. So our model of total quality management is very important for even every pharmacy to produce the healthier and improved product and to ensure the maximum safety of healthcare system and also prevent waste of money for both their own concern and their consumers.


Our total quality management is defined as a combined organizational effort which is planned to improve quality level at every stage. We follow a process to produce perfect product by a series of measurement requiring with the help of an organized effort by the entire staff to prevent or eliminate the consequences at every stage in production. According to our standards defined for total quality management we applies a guidance system for our business which is focused about quality and based on the contribution of all its affiliates and directing for long-term success through consumer satisfaction and benefits to all the associates of our company and to the public.

The facts we follow

Total quality management is an approach that we use to improve our internal procedures and increase customer satisfaction. When we implement it properly, this approach can lead to affordable costs related to maintenance, increase overall performance, and an improved number of loyal and satisfied customers. However, this management quality is not something that happens overnight. While there are a number of consultants, those have solutions to help your business to implement a quality management system but there are some fundamental philosophies that the company must apply itself in every department of the company and at every level of management. Whether different resources you practice or not you should consider these important principles of quality management as a foundation for all your actions.

1. Quality is must

We always believe, not to repeat the sequence of confusion and customer complaints. We know that our operations are simply too large to manage the level of quality, but we also realize that if there is a problem, that it should be controlled.

2. Process, is the problem, not people

If we are experiencing process related issues, it doesn’t matter how many times we have to hire new employees or how many training sessions we need to give them we always precise the process and then train our people on the new procedural changes.

3. Don’t treat symptoms, look for the cure

We don’t believe in just patch over the challenging consequences in the process, because it will never let us reach to our potential. We always go for the source to correct the problem.

4. Everyone has a responsibility

Everyone in our pharmacy, from our workers on the line to the management authority, we always make them realize that they have an important part to play in ensuring a quality standard about our products and services. Here everyone understands their responsibility to delight customer, and they should always step up and take responsibility.

5. Quality must be measurable

Our quality management structure is effective when we measure the results. We make a record about how the process is implemented and whether it is according to the desired results or not. It helps us to set our areas for the future and ensures that every department is working toward the same result.

6. Performance must upgrade

In any pharmaceutical company a one-time products quality check is not something that works for the lifetime. It is not a management stage that will end if a problem has been corrected. We Improves our quality from time to time regularly in order to increase customer affection and faith.

7. Quality is a long-term investment

Quality management is not easy. We know that once we get started doing things, the real results would not occur immediately. Our total quality management criteria are a long-term investment, and it is designed to help us find long-term success. It is important to make sure that you are able to implement these types of fundamental principles throughout the company. We follow this kind of management tactics that may cause huge cultural changes in pharmacy industry. Sometimes the change may come with some growing pains, so we believe that if you build a foundation of quality principles, you will be prepared to make the changes and start working towards lifelong success.

The key elements of our quality management

1- Focus on the customer needs.

2- Employee Involvement in work.

3- Continuous quality improvement


1. Our quality management improves reputation; find errors and problems spotted and sort-out them faster.

2. It increases the employee’s morale. It motivated the workers about extra responsibility, team work and involvement.

3. It helps us to evaluate the cost of production, to consider about product wastage and helps to decrease the level of defects in quality.

4. It works as a quality control checker.


Its specialized, public and organizational responsibilities that work with our pharmacy for the assurance of product quality are remarkable. It has become possible only because of well planned, effectively staffed, accurately performed process during and after production that accomplish quality assurance of the product that needs to be achieved. We always realizes that nothing will achieve and assure product quality unless good manufacturing practices that are implemented systematically and process control which is practiced carefully. In Amaria Pharmacy we kept in mind the major responsibility for the quality of our products.