Global Presence

Amaria Pharmacy has a multicultural, multilingual and multitasking workforce of more than hundreds of employees including lots of workforce across India.

Amaria Pharmacy is also partnering for growth with leading pharmaceuticals companies worldwide in the areas of medicine development, organic therapies and medical analysis, and hospitality and management. The company has also strategic alliances for inventing possible prevention system and development of current treatment for specific and deadly infections, for developing Antibiotic resistant breakers and innovative treatment in inflammation and pain diseases.

Pharmacy Opportunities

Amaria Pharmacy has been progressing along in the pharmacy profession over 50 years, so we are aware about the things that we are going to stay ahead according to the current trends for our customer’s well-being. From the past few years, Amaria pharmacy spends its many years of success as a presenter of Unani medications, which we want to continue and expand, in the field of innovation and to get the growth.

Pharmaceutical practice at Amaria Pharmacy embraces a quality of standard health care and it encourages other pharmacist to understand their role for the welfare of the society with the help of their medical experiences.

As a pharmaceutical company, Amaria Pharmacy offers unmatched growth opportunities to enhance your career possibilities and to make an impact over the society with your help, through a motivated effort to achieve greater access in patient health care system and provide them other additional services as in immunizations therapies, medication management and a proper health testing.

Pharmacist position in Amaria pharmacy

As a pharmaceutical professional you will have numerous opportunities for a better career growth and wider career locations options from which to choose.

We are implementing a new design of pharmaceutical industry which brings our pharmacist out from directly our pharmacy desk to practice and getting encouragement face to face from the patients by interacting and experiencing their problems.

Human Resource

Amaria Pharmacy’s HR professionals play an interactive and key role in every aspect of pharmacy workings whether it is medicinal, planning, operation management, or distribution management. They also impact every discipline regarding to recruitment, benefits and performance management.

Corporate Opportunities

We always consider talented and ambitious corporate partners in our workforce who create the strategies and initiatives for our pharmacy and help lead us into new health and wellness category. From Finance to Marketing, Human Resources to IT, our business professionals help provide the agenda for helping people to get stay and live well.

There are opportunities for people from different talents and credentials, whether you’re interested in exploring locations for marketing, increasing market share and for creating a system platform to keep us running alongside our communities.


You will have lots of chances to expand your logistic experience under our distribution background and use it in the product distribution management and advanced material handling in the leading distribution system across the nation. You will accomplish various departments and will be responsible for budget management, implementation and resolution.

Training /Internships at AMARIA PHARMACY

Our interns and management trainee experience life at Amaria Pharmacy in a hands-on environment like no other. We encourage our trainees and employees to provide fresh ideas and a different outlook in terms of pharmaceutical industry. That’s why our training makes you a part of the action from the very first day. And that’s why we include challenging business plans and experiences that can initiate department goals and objectives. Our goal is to help you refine your skills at one of the well-known pharmacies in healthcare and retail. Our training/internships will not only give you a window for working better in not only Amaria pharmacy, but also the kind of real-world knowledge that you can take with you wherever you go.

Our Cultural Beliefs

We consider our people who work in Amaria Pharmacy are a special breed. It takes a unique individual to genuinely understand about patient’s concerns whether he is present or not, and to provide answers that disturbs his or her mind.

That’s why we promise to work as selflessly on your behalf as you do for your patient’s well-being. At Amaria Pharmacy, you will enjoy the freedom to research about vary diseases and its prevention and provide treatment specifically designed for our customer’s needs. You will constantly be challenged to invent advanced care and develop your knowledge about health care. Join a team of professionals as Amaria Pharmacy and together we can redefine the future of healthcare.