Corporate Social Responsibility

At Amaria Pharmacy, we make good health affordable and accessible to the local societies and people at large. With active exploration, dedicated research and recognition of the efforts of those who are working from behind to treat illness and disease, we help as many people as we can to secure their right to a proper health.

Fitness, education, water, career, environmental and disaster relief are some of our key priorities in the field of corporate social responsibility. We also help conduct training in vocational skills for communities and accept limited level community programs related to the needs of the residents.


Amaria Pharmacy has a unique space under the community it serves across the nation. For over the years we have used our pharmacy based expertise and support to recover the health and welfare of local communities. We want our customers to continue to think about our pharmacy as an organization that giving something back to the society through our innovative partnerships with other assistances, our healthcare experts and all our brilliant Amaria Pharmacy contemporaries who enthusiastically volunteer their time and energy to make a real difference locally.


Reducing the impact we have on the environment has been an important part of the way we’ve run our business for many years. We have proved that this approach brings fixed, communal supports to our business partner and the world in which we all live.

This section of our website describes the approach we use for those corporate operations that may have the highest potential impact on the environment. Most importantly, we do not consider about every atmosphere related issue in isolation. We recognize that they can often be interrelated, as well as badly communicable, and this directs our complete approach to sustainable decision making throughout our business.


We have believed that running a successful professional business and providing affordable services always accepted by our customers and go hand in hand, because it is a part of our custom and values to treat our customers pleasantly and to act with honesty for all our investors in corporate activities.

That is why our customers can trust us when it is about health issues and when they can depend on the quality and safety of our product, it is because we take suitable and manageable solutions for all earnestly, because we go the extra miles to ensure about our suppliers who are gaining assistance from Amaria Pharmacy and are also running their businesses properly.


As a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer and proprietor, we employ nearly hundreds of people across our network as well as in our distribution and logistics departments and our support offices across India.

We aim to invite, retain and promote the finest and talented employees. For example, in India we recruited 100 of pharmacy graduates and extremely qualified staff every year. We believe that our co-employees, and the care they provide to our customers, are the reason for our consistent success.

We support the people

We believe it is really important for our customers, colleagues and the company as a team that we continue to recruit the very best and most talented people in our workforce and develop their skills for the betterment of our organization. We offer a number of employment schemes tailored for people from all over India and from different fields. This includes youths who have recently finished their education; those are searching for employment, education or training somewhere or those about to enter in the care system.

Our Public Health Responsibility

As a member of healthcare industry we support the following essential values of our duty:

•We recognize that we have a responsibility to play a role in improving people’s health and India’s healthcare system.

•We continuously inspire and support people to implement a better healthier diet in their routine.

•We always try to produce a culture of responsibility, which helps people to think about their accountability for society within guidelines.

•We inspire and guide people to become more physically and mentally active.

•We positively support our workforce to lead healthier and improved lifestyle.

Amaria pharmacy is well recognized in growing awareness and increasing popularity in manufacturing of herbal and UNANI products in India. We love to work in close co-operation with the UNANI and herbal medical professionals from all over the world, who devoted himself for regrowth in Indian healthcare treatment system. We choose to utilize our networking resources to promote Unani products all over the world. We offers our products under different categories for infants to men, women and older. The feedback from our end-users and support from our distributors, pharmaceutical companies and retailers are highly encouraging.